Patel Conservatory Outreach Program Gives Life Skills to Adults with Disabilities

“I’m Amanda, and my movement is this!” A young woman with long brown hair and a big smile circles her arms.

Their teacher, Patel Conservatory theater education faculty member Sarah Berland, her dark curls bouncing, laughs along with the group, pushing them gently during this theater game to try something new, to express themselves in a different way, to make sure they are following instructions.

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Outreach Spotlight: Opera in Schools

Opera Tampa Singers Ensure Opera’s Future One Aria at a Time “How did you get into opera singing?” “How do you sing so loud without a microphone?” “Do you speak Italian?” “How old were you when you started?” Soprano Kristi Beinhauer beams among a throng of middle school students who rushed her after the opera assembly where […]

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